The hospitality industry encompasses a few different sectors, including: food and beverage, lodging, recreation, and travel and tourism. Because we primarily operate under the lodging umbrella (with food and beverage existing at some of our hotels), we write this with a hotel-related career in mind.

Aside from the perfect weather and seemingly endless sunshine, working in a San Diego hotel has numerous benefits. We’ve narrowed it down to the top five advantages that our employees report as being the best reasons to begin a career in hospitality.

  1. Discounts, Discounts, Discounts
    If you love to travel or want to travel and haven’t been able to afford much of it, a hospitality career can extend your dollar further. Most major hotel chains offer employees notable discounts at all hotels within their collection, and many brands have tens of hotels in their collection.
  2. Clear Path for Upward Mobility
    If you’re someone wanting to move up the ladder, the hospitality industry has clearly defined paths to reach the top. Unlike other industries where managers and directors appear out of thin air, those in hospitality need to know the fundamentals, so it’s easier to get promoted from within or from one hotel to the next.
  3. Flexible Hours
    Not a morning person? No problem. Are you an early bird? Perfect! Hotels need employees to work all hours of the night, meaning no matter when your preferred work hours are, there’s likely a shift to accommodate.
  4. You Won’t Get in Trouble for Talking
    Many hotel roles require you to interface with guests, making it ideal for all of you social butterflies. Even if you don’t see hospitality in your future, conversing with guest after guest allows you to network with other potential employers from an industry that may be of interest to you.
  5. It Moves with You
    Unlike other careers, hospitality allows you to pack up and move at the drop of a hat. If you ever feel like your surroundings are making you “bah-humbug,” you can quite literally find a similar role anywhere in the world.

Pinnacle Hotels USA is a hotel acquisition and management company, headquartered in San Diego, California. If you’re interested in entering a career in hospitality or advancing your hospitality career, we welcome you to check out our job board.