Curious about what our employees love most about working at our hotels and corporate office? Here are the top 7 reasons employees say they love Pinnacle Hotels USA.

1. Huge Opportunity for Advancement – We strive to support our employees on their path to success, which is why we’re committed to promoting from within, when qualified internal candidates apply for advanced roles within our company. The way we see it is, if you’re a great employee who is hungry to take on new responsibilities, we want to give you the opportunity to shine.

2. Ability to Relocate to Other Properties and New Cities – With a portfolio that expands across Southern California and Texas, employees can transfer to new locations that interest them. Transitioning between properties is a relatively easy move, so if you want to pack up and move to San Diego, Austin, or maybe Solana Beach, we fully support your relocation.

3. Learn from Knowledgeable Managers – Our managers are experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of hospitality, enabling our employees to learn from supervisors who are genuinely interested in their professional growth.

4. Employee Development is Important to Us – We want to upskill our employees and teach them new roles, so they can grow within the company. Sure, an employee may not have all of the skills to take a step up in responsibility, but upper management gives them the education, guidance, and support they need to be successful in leading roles.

5. Flexible Scheduling – We understand that our employees can have conflicting schedules, trying to balance life, school, and even a second job. We make our best effort to accommodate each employee’s needs, regarding their desired work schedules.

6. We’re Positioned for Growth – Pinnacle Hotels is continually looking for new properties to acquire, creating a constant demand for new talent. This growth position means that we’re always on the verge of new opportunities for employees to transfer to new locations or take on new responsibilities and advance their careers within the company.

7. Employee Benefits – Depending on the hours you work regularly, employees are eligible for health insurance, a flexible spending account (FSA), dental insurance, vision coverage, life insurance, 401K, vacation days, sick pay, employee assistance, and employee discounts at each hotel brand that we franchise.

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