About Us


Our mission is to care for our guests, associates, and assets by providing quality service and exceeding expectations.

Our Founder

Dr. Barry Lall grew up in Salima, Nyasaland (today known as Malawi), in a small village where neither his school nor his home had running water or electricity. Despite his humble beginnings, he remembers his childhood fondly due to the values his parents instilled.

After completing high school in neighboring Zambia and working relentlessly, Dr. Lall completed college and graduated from Glasgow University Medical School. After graduating, he met Hema, an American who would eventually become his wife. After marrying, he moved to the United States to start his medical career and his life with Hema.

Immediately energized with the presence of vast opportunity in America, Dr. Lall knew that any dream he had could be realized, and despite being a medical doctor, that dream was to own a hotel.

Our Values

The Pinnacle Values set an expectation for our guests, establish a reputation for our business partners, and serve as a compass for our employees. No matter how you interface with our company, you can be confident our team embraces the qualities we value.








We focused our early years on investing in limited and select-service properties, acquiring and managing a total of 26 hotels. As time progressed, we began streamlining operations and fine-tuning our expertise in the premium brand and full-service market. This has resulted in paring down our portfolio to nine hotels located in San Diego County, Riverside, CA, Dallas, TX, and Austin, TX.

Today, our 9 properties are licensed under 8 brands and boast a total of 1,790 keys and 7 restaurants.

Pinnacle Hotels USA was incorporated in 1998 and remains privately held with headquarters in San Diego, California.