Pinnacle Hotels USA is proud to support local, national, and international charities, in an effort to better the lives of others. This spring, we chose to take part in Red Nose Day, to increase awareness for and fundraise to combat childhood poverty.

The impact of childhood poverty is an international concern, with recent studies indicating the long term effects a child has as a result of growing up in such unpredictable circumstance. Beyond a lack of access to basic needs – food, water, shelter, medical care – childhood poverty leads to behavioral disorders, greater risk of chronic disease, and even opens the door to premature death.

Red Nose Day uses entertainment, namely comedy, to raise awareness for this cultural epidemic and help financially support children in need. Over the last 25 years, over $1 billion has been raised, impacting the lives of more than 2,659,642 children.
Proceeds from the non-profit fund programs in all 50 states, as well as some of the poorest communities in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. The goal is for every child to be healthy, sage, educated, and empowered.

Curious to know the impact your donation could make? Consider this:

  • $1 can provide 11 meals for kids through Feeding America food banks.
  • $10 can provide life-saving vaccinations for 1 child in need.
  • $10 provides 1 at-risk child a safe place to learn and play during summer and after school.
  • $30 provides 1 person in Uganda with access to clean water.
  • $50 covers one year’s tuition, supplies, and textbooks for one child in a developing country.
  • $100 can provide food, clothing, shelter, and medical care, helping get a child off of the street.

Red Nose Day drives awareness, but you can donate to the cause year-round. Today, you can change the life of a child in need. >>